Professional Service Cycle - Delivering More At Every Stage

Serving the Professionals Life Cycle

The professional journey is dynamic. Today’s decisions have a significant impact on your future. That’s why it’s important to have an advisor who really gets what’s on the line.

From start up to succession, we support professionals at every stage. We are continually designing programs and strategies that ensure you are always ahead of the curve.

Learn how we can help professionals, wherever you are in the life cycle.

Solutions for Your Business

By understanding your needs, we can help you determine what success looks like to you today, five years from now, twenty years from now and when you retire. 

  • Recent Graduates

    As a recent graduate, you’re excited about starting your career and realizing your vision for the future. But you’re faced with a lot of decisions and trying to determine what the best approach is. We understand your situation and work with you to answer your most pressing questions such as: - Should I join a clinic as an associate? On what terms? - When and how do I buy in? - Should I start my own practice? How? When? - How do I finance a purchase or start-up? - How do I pay off student debts as quickly as possible?  

  • Growing Your Practice

    At this stage, your practice has grown and you’re wondering if you are doing everything you can to achieve your full growth potential. You may want to take your practice to the next level, but may not know how to effectively manage this growth. A trusted business advisor can help advise you and answer important questions, including: - How do I establish reasonable benchmarks? - How do I compare to other practices? - How do I control costs and manage cash flow along with my other finances? - How do I grow the business? - How do I minimize taxes? - When and how do I attract associates to the practice? - What are my priorities for work / life balance? 

  • Mature Practice  

    As a well-established practice, you have managed your operation successfully for many years and it may be time to explore your next move. At this stage, you might have a number of questions, such as: - What are my retirement needs? Does the value of my practice meet those needs? - How do I maximize the value of my practice? - What is my succession plan? - When do I want to retire? What will that look like? - Will my family be looked after?  


    • Progress

      February 20, 2024

      Case Study: Things to consider when adding a child as a joint owner of a property

      A new requirement to file annual tax returns with the CRA for bare trusts has parents reconsidering whether to add a child to title of their property. This case study illustrates the pros and cons of joint tenancy with a child.

    • Confidence

      What you need to know about the CRA’s self-assessment tax audit process

      How do you prepare when the CRA requests an audit of specific expenses or deductions you’ve made?

    • Agility

      January 23, 2024

      Top 10 things for practice owners to tackle in 2024 and beyond

      The start of a new year is the perfect time for professionals to assess the health of their practice and make changes needed to achieve long-term success.

    Contact our Professionals Team

    Calvin Carpenter CPA, CA

    Vice President, Professional Services

    Calvin Carpenter, CPA, CA, is the Vice President of MNP’s Professional Services team. Working closely with medical and dental professionals, Calvin provides valuable advice to help clients reach their business and personal goals. Calvin’s experience in forecasting, tax planning and other key areas helps ensure his clients have a sound strategy for the future. He specializes in developing customized plans for clients interested in starting or purchasing their own practice.

    Calvin also advises owner-managers on how to operate their businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible. Through performance management, industry benchmarking, tax planning and other essential tools, he helps his clients measure their business performance and enhance profitability. Calvin is dedicated to providing his clients with information that empowers them to make informed business decisions. He has given presentations to medical and dental groups on various key issue areas such as incorporation, Canadian tax updates, corporate investment strategies, GST, fraud and practice transition.

    Calvin earned his Chartered Accountant (CA) designation from the Alberta Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1990. He completed a Bachelor of Management degree from the University of Lethbridge in 1986.