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Ensure your practice is set up for success every step of the way.

As a veterinary clinic owner, you juggle managing animal care, client interactions, and staying updated on industry trends. Amidst these demands, finding time for strategic planning can be challenging. Whether you're a recent graduate or planning retirement, MNP is here to guide you through tailored decisions aligned with your unique goals.

With a proven track record of assisting veterinary practices across Canada, our business advisors not only address your daily challenges but also provide insights into upcoming legislation, emerging trends, and relevant technologies. Stay ahead in the dynamic veterinary landscape with MNP's support for a thriving practice.

What's your challenge?

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Managing your professional and personal finances

As a practice owner, your personal and professional finances are tightly intertwined. Making optimal decisions for both aspects is paramount, emphasizing the need for a well-defined approach to managing your goals and positioning yourself for success.

Efficient practice - Practice optimization

Running an efficient practice

Efficiency is crucial in the competitive world of veterinary services. Tackling the challenge of optimizing operations and reducing unnecessary costs is key to ensuring the success and sustainability of your practice.

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Keeping up with technology changes

The constant evolution of technology in veterinary care presents a challenge, requiring a keen understanding to navigate this changing landscape and keep your clinic relevant with the latest innovations.

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Exiting your practice

Contemplating the future of your veterinary practice involves strategic challenges, demanding thoughtful consideration and forward-thinking approaches to align with your unique circumstances.

How we can help

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Tax strategy and financial management

Tap into our decades of experience to refine your tax structure, elevating efficiency and profitability in your practice. Together, we chart the most effective path forward tailored to your specific needs, ensuring financial success in every endeavour.

Efficient practice - Practice optimization

Practice optimization

Our advisors optimize every facet of your veterinary business, promoting bottom-line growth, attracting top talent, and helping you achieve your goals. Benefit from knowledgeable advice, guidance on mergers and acquisitions, and efficient solutions for key challenges in management, HR, and performance improvement.

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Technology advisory and support

Embrace the latest technological advancements seamlessly. Our services include adopting and implementing cutting-edge technologies, such as cloud-based solutions. We also provide robust IT and cybersecurity support, utilizing applied data and analytics for informed decision-making.

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Succession planning

Prepare for the next chapter in your veterinary career with our personalized succession planning services. Our team understands your goals and crafts a retirement and succession plan tailored to meet your needs. Whether you're developing strategic plans, minimizing risks, or implementing exit strategies, we guide you through the process.

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