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2024 MNP Municipal Report

Innovating for impact: Transforming service delivery across Canadian municipalities

Local governments  across Canada are being called on to do more than provide basic services — they need to create healthy, interactive communities. Citizens want services that are efficient, responsive, and tailored to their needs.

It’s a tall order. And it begs the question: How are municipalities meeting these demands?

Our latest Canadian municipal report explores how local governments are shifting toward citizen-centric service delivery models, embracing transformation to modernize their technology, and leveraging data and innovation to meet the needs of their residents.

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Our comprehensive report provides an in-depth look at how local governments are navigating this period of rapid change. With 297 survey responses from diverse municipalities, regions, regional districts, towns, summer villages, counties, and other special districts from various regions all over the nation, our findings provide a clear picture of the national landscape. Here’s what you’ll find inside: 

  • Organizational priorities: Discover the primary areas municipalities are prioritizing to enhance citizen-focused service delivery.
  • Challenges and barriers: Understand the hurdles, including insufficient resources and technology-driven challenges, and how they impact the delivery of amenities.
  • Understand your customer: Define your customer and learn how municipalities tailor their services and communication methods to meet their unique demands.
  • Technology adoption: Gain insights into the current and planned implementations of customer service technologies and learn about ongoing efforts for continuous improvement.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Learn how municipalities are using existing tools and considering new solutions to streamline processes, improve decision-making, and enhance the overall customer experience.

About this report

In an effort to gain and share valuable local government insights, MNP, in partnership with Leger, conducted research on local governments’ approach and innovation for service delivery across Canada. A total of 297 survey responses were completed between March 11, 2024, and April 12, 2024, by local governments across Canada. The survey focused on understanding the top focus areas, barriers, considerations, benefits, and challenges associated with customer service-enhancing technologies. 

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