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Consulting and Financial Services for Non-Profit Organizations and Charities

Navigating the unique challenges your not-for-profit organization or charity faces demands strategic solutions.

In the world of not-for-profit organizations and charities, a strategic approach is essential to amplify your impact and streamline your journey. At MNP, we comprehend the intricacies of your industry and are ready to empower you to create a lasting legacy.

Whether it's optimizing resource management, ensuring financial compliance, or charting a course for long-term success, MNP is your dedicated partner. Our collaborative approach ensures that every step, from strategic planning to execution, is aligned with your mission, helping your organization thrive today and build a resilient foundation for tomorrow.

Business problems we solve

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Recruitment and labour shortage

In the midst of a fiercely competitive labour landscape and the demand for highly specialized expertise, you find yourself wrestling with recruitment and retention challenges. Retention is a concern as organizations struggle to offer competitive salaries and benefits, making it challenging to retain qualified and dedicated personnel in an industry driven by passion and commitment.

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Managing technology needs

Navigating the fast-paced evolution and implementation of technology can be a daunting challenge. Elevating your digital operations opens doors to harnessing systems that enhance efficiency, streamline volunteer management, and fortify cybersecurity measures.

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Operational risk management

Operational risk can materialize in many forms, putting an organization in a precarious situation when unanticipated events arise. For many non-profit organizations and charities, mitigating these risks is minimal and addressed reactively rather than proactively, keeping many leaders up at night.

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Navigating change

In an environment where relentless change is the new normal, managing the adoption of new processes, technologies, and approaches is a significant factor for success when modernizing. Many non-profit organizations and charities are managing skills gaps, demographic shifts, and resistance to new ways of doing things.

How we help

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Human resources guidance

Empower your organization to overcome recruitment and retention challenges through tailored solutions. Our expertise lies in attracting top talent, implementing effective employee engagement strategies, and optimizing compensation structures.

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Digital solutions

We help align your organizational strategy and planning with a digital strategy, emphasizing efficiency and streamlined communication to elevate your digital capabilities. Explore ease, our cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting solution, for efficient financial management. Gain real-time insights and expert advice to inform strategic planning decisions seamlessly.

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Risk mitigation strategies

We identify and assess potential risks unique to non-profit organizations and charities, offering tailored solutions to develop effective risk mitigation strategies. Our expertise allows you to navigate the due diligence processes seamlessly, ensuring the continuity and success of your mission-driven initiatives.

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Change management

Our consulting services enable you to manage change seamlessly. By emphasizing deliberate, strategic planning with a continuous improvement mindset, we help you drive expected outcomes. This involves adopting new processes, technologies, and approaches aligned with your long-term organizational objectives.

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Unlock insights for your NPO or charity

Explore curated presentations tailored to your industry. Watch our experts delve into the latest changes, implications, and opportunities affecting how not-for-profit organizations operate.

Success stories

Saint Luke’s Place

Saint Luke’s Place is a non-profit senior living facility west of Toronto that offers residents and patients varying levels of care — from assisted living to long-term care beds. 

Karen Jolley, Director of Finance at Saint Luke’s Place, Cambridge, ON


Discovering potential unclaimed HST rebates for Saint Luke’s Place's long-term care section, Karen recognized the opportunity but faced a steep learning curve and substantial time commitment. Balancing existing responsibilities, she needed a streamlined solution to unlock the facility's financial potential.


Seeking guidance from MNP's Erin Evans and Andrew Linton, Karen streamlined the process. The MNP team assessed qualifications, guided Karen through the application, and handled calculations. With their expertise, Karen efficiently submitted four years' worth of HST rebate information to the CRA and established a system for future claims.


Through MNP's support, Saint Luke’s Place successfully claimed over $200,000 in HST rebates. This significant boost allows them to better assist residents and patients. With streamlined processes and ongoing MNP support, Karen and the Saint Luke’s team can now effortlessly track and claim what they're owed, ensuring continued success in their mission.

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