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Insights and strategies for today’s not-for-profit organizations

Not-for-profit organizations and charities face unique operational needs – and must constantly seek the most efficient and strategic approach to manage resources, stay compliant, and plan for the future.

Watch our latest videos to stay up to date on all the newest requirements, opportunities, and risks that organizations like yours are facing.

New tax reporting requirements

The CRA recently provided additional guidance around the new trust reporting rules, registered charity information returns, and more.

Watch Hayley’s presentation to get all the latest updates on tax reporting requirements and how these will impact your business.

Digital strategy: Three key challenges facing non-profits and charities

Learn why this is becoming a key priority for non-profits, three key challenges these organizations face and the solutions to help overcome them.

Privacy and data protection: What does a mature privacy management policy look like?

Learn from real-world privacy breaches in your industry and test your organization’s privacy management against the common challenges and best practices in the not-for-profit sector.

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Consulting and Financial Services for Non-Profit Organizations and Charities

Navigating the unique challenges your not-for-profit organization or charity faces demands strategic solutions.

Previous presentations

Curated for your industry, watch our experts outline the latest changes, implications, and opportunities in a number of areas that impact how your organization operates. For more information, reach out to our presenters for advice and guidance on what these mean for your organization.

New Opportunities and Requirements for Charities and NPOs

In this presentation, you’ll learn about the new charitable partnership rules and the CRA’s guidelines including recommended best practices for charities and recipient NPOs. We’ll also discuss updated spending requirements for charities and the rules and reporting requirements, as well as current tax tips and traps to watch for.


Hayley Maschek, LL.B, Partner, Taxation Services
[email protected]

GST / HST Considerations for Charities and Not-for-Profits

In this indirect tax presentation, you’ll hear about the GST / HST status of both charities and NPOs, the GST / HST treatment of revenues, expense, and recovery mechanisms, as well as common issues and solutions to address them.


Andrew Linton, CPA, CA, Senior Manager, Indirect Tax Services
[email protected]

Fraud in the NPO Industry

In this presentation, learn about what’s happening in the industry, things to consider, and how MNP can help mitigate your risks.


Josh Epstein, CPA, CA, CFF, CFE,Senior Manager, Forensics
[email protected]

Karen NG, CPA, CA, CFE, Manager, Forensics and Litigation Support Services
[email protected]

Manage More with Ease Bookkeeping

In this presentation, learn how MNP is supporting NPOs from an outsourced, cloud bookkeeping perspective, and what to expect and plan for when considering outsourced bookkeeping services.


Matt Bennett, Senior Manager, Ease Cloud-Based Accounting Services
[email protected]

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