MNP’s Credit Union Executive Invitational Series: Driving Business Insights Through Data

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MNP’s Credit Union Executive Invitational Series is inspired by the spirit of collaboration and innovation.

The goal of this session is to bring together executives in the credit union industry and leaders from MNP in an intimate setting to discuss real-world business challenges, and how they can be solved through the strategic use of data. This exclusive event is available by invite only; attendance is limited to maximum 2 executive leaders from each Credit Union invited, with preference given to CEO’s, COO’s or those executives responsible for strategy, transformation, and innovation.

Date: Thursday, June 02, 2022

Time: 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Location: 1021 Hastings St W Suite 2200 - MNP Tower
Vancouver, BC V6E 0C3

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Session Description 
11:00 am 11:30 am  

11:30 am  11:45 am 
Introduction and Ground Rules
Annette Bester
11:45 am 
12:30 pm
Prioritizing Innovation & Collaboration Michael Vogel, CEO Coinstream & Encore Ventures 
12:30 pm  1:00 pm Networking Lunch
(Including collaboration on the above topic)
1:00 pm  2:00 pm Using Data to Drive Decisioning and Manage Risk
30-minute content, 30-minute collaboration
David Saevitzon  
Alan Cosgrave
2:00 pm
3:00 pm Data Governance and Privacy Considerations
30-minute content, 30-minute collaboration
Adriana Gliga
3:00 pm   3:30 pm   Break  
3:30 pm    4:30 pm
The CUPID (Credit Union Peer Information Dashboard)  
Experience Lab: Benchmarking key metrics and trends  
that are vital to managing your Credit Union  
30-minute content, 30-minute collaboration
David Saevitzon  
Colin Wenngatz
Annette Bester
Evening Social: Reception & Dinner at Palate Kitchen  
5:00 pm 6:00 pm Welcome Reception   
6:00 pm
8:30 pm  Plated Dinner


Session Descriptions

Session 1: Prioritizing Innovation & Collaboration 

It is easy to become siloed in one’s view of innovation as you look to prioritize based on your own operations. Looking outside of your industry can create line of sight to best practices in innovation and collaboration and during this session, our guest speaker will share their own journey to allow participants to open their minds to possibilities from outside the industry that could pave the way for meaningful change within the credit union landscape.  

From this session, participants will collaborate during lunch and determine what take-aways from outside their industry could be explored further within their credit union or in partnership between credit unions. 

Session 2: Using Data to Drive Decisioning and Manage Risk 

This session will introduce approaches to developing and growing a Data program and discuss how FI’s are leveraging data to design the right products for their members and drive growth and innovation. The session will also look at ways data can be leveraged to a manage risks  that credit unions face on a day-to-day basis as they execute on their strategy. 

Session 3: Data Governance and Privacy Considerations 

For many organizations, the desire to become more data driven while maintaining customer trust has created as many problems as it’s solved. From not understanding what data the organization has, knowing what data to trust, to the increased risk of data leaks and, growing regulatory pressure, organizations need to be more transparent and accountable.   

This session investigates the importance of good data governance and why succeeding with big data requires consistent practices and guidelines for what and how to collect, use, protect and distribute information.   

Our panel of experts discusses how implementing good Data Governance can help organizations in their analytic efforts, deliver on promised  benefits for all stakeholders by while helping enhance security and privacy program maturity and consistency across departments 

Key topics include:   

  • Common data risks and challenges, and how data governance can help  
  • Key considerations, frameworks, and best practices for an effective data governance program 
  • How data governance can enhance privacy and cyber security posture 
  • How data governance empowers data-driven innovation   

Session 4: CUPID (Credit Union Peer Information Dashboard) Experience Lab: Benchmarking key metrics and trends that are vital to managing your credit union

Credit Unions do not have access to timely and useful peer and market data. Executives or Boards often ask management or teams to manually accumulate and to track this information, which is burdensome, time consuming, and can lead to inaccurate or out-of-date comparisons.  These challenges make it difficult to use peer data in a meaningful way to benchmark your performance so that you can tailor operational decisions or recognize strategic opportunities. During this session, we will unveil MNP’s CUPID peer benchmarking dashboard and preliminary metrics.  

Collaboration and discussion

During the last 30 minutes of the above sessions, participants will weigh in on priority metrics and benchmark companies outside the CU system that would create maximum value to their leadership teams, allowing further insight to the dashboard and future deployment within their own organization. 


David Saevitzon

David Saevitzon

Applied Data Principal Consultant, MNP Digital Advisory Group

Colin Wenngatz

Colin Wenngatz, MBA

Partner, Data & Analytics

Alan Cosgrave


Regional Managing Partner, BC Advisory

Adriana Gliga

Adriana Gliga, CISSP, CIPM, PCIP

Partner, Privacy & Data Governance

Annette Bester

Annette Bester, CPA, CA, CIA, ICD.D

Partner, National Credit Union Leader

Michael Vogel

CEO, Coinstream

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