Gordon Leebosh, CAFM, CPA auditor

Gordon Leebosh

Gordon Leebosh , CAFM, CPA auditor

Associate, Assurance and Accounting

Gordon Leebosh, CPA, CAFM, is the leader of our Indigenous Services group in Quebec and the Maritimes and is an assurance partner at MNP. He has a substantial Indigenous practice, working with many First Nations’ Band Councils and organizations. He works closely with his Indigenous clients in an advisory capacity on a number of capacity development projects, as well as providing oversight on assurance and accounting services.

His clients in the Indigenous sector encompass many Band Councils and their diverse related entities, including community health center agencies, economic development companies, radio stations, education centers, etc. His clients include Mohawk, Micmac, Algonquin and James Bay Cree Nations.

In one of his present roles, he acts as Recipient Appointed Advisor to a Quebec First Nation community where he and his team manage a diverse capacity development mandate.  He has also been a guest speaker at several Indigenous conferences over the years. On the charitable front, he is a member of the Quebec Advisory Board of the Heart and Stroke Association of Canada.  He is also an active member of Finance Committees of other local organizations.  

Gordon also provides audit, accounting and consulting services to private owner-managed businesses. He was designated a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) after completing his graduate diploma in public accounting from McGill University. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University and also a US CPA designation from the University of Illinois. He also holds the CAFM (Certified Aboriginal Finance Manager) designation.

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