MNP’s work with energy and utilities has covered the full value chain of regulation including governance, policy development, rate application review and development, transaction processing, data management and reporting, funding models and nearly all operational departments.

Through our experience, we understand the need for strong process, data and reporting in addition to identifying leading regulatory practices around the world through research and benchmarking mandates and performance. 

MNP understands the regulatory landscape from coast to coast and helps you create solutions. 

Our key areas of focus in providing regulatory services to our clients include: 

  • Policy development and implementation 
  • Regulatory reforms 
  • Rate application review and development support 
  • Stakeholder engagement 
  • Impact analysis of policy changes 
  • Approval and compliance processes 

What We Do

MNP’s work has covered the full value chain of regulation, including governance, policy development, rate application review and development, transaction processing, data management and reporting funding models and nearly all operational departments. 

  • Duty to Consult

    The Duty to Consult is triggered when a project has the potential to negatively impact Indigenous and treaty rights as affirmed within Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution. Virtually every square inch of Canada is subject to Section 35 rights; oftentimes with multiple Indigenous Nations overlapping with Section 35 rights in the same area. Our Duty to Consult Team can help your organization navigate the Duty to Consult for a successful project.

  • Indigenous Engagement 

    Advise and Develop Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation Indigenous Stakeholder Engagement Tracking Development of Plain Language Materials for Communication Customizable Corporate Training 

  • Application Development

    Filing support Process Management Intervenor Information Requests Expert Testimony Undertaking Support 

  • Project Support

    Operations and Monitoring Project Closure 


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    Contact Our Energy and Utilities Team

    Gord Chalk MBA,CMC

    Consulting Leader, Energy and Utilities

    Gord Chalk, MBA, BA, is MNP’s Western Energy and Resources Leader. A trusted strategic advisor to executives at some of North America’s largest energy, pipeline, power and utilities companies, Gord has also led dozens of strategy, process and technology projects to successful execution for more than 25 years.

    Bringing both a finance and operations perspective to business issues, he enables clients to quickly and capably move strategy to action, delivering direct and measurable results.

    Gord helps clients in the oil and gas, energy, resources, pipeline, construction and manufacturing industries with capital project execution and governance, operations and maintenance optimization, supply chain performance, business performance and operations transformation.

    His extensive experience includes senior management experience with a global consulting firm in the design, build, operations, maintenance and supply chain domains; negotiations, contracting and claims management and regulatory and permitting experience in capital projects.

    Gord excels at building and maintaining high-touch relationships with executive-level clients, and easily communicates between senior management and the shop floor as he supports his clients in achieving their goals.

    Gord earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and Accounting from McGill University.