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Be Your Own Boss with MNP's Self Employment Program

We’re here for you every step of the way! With an 80% success rate, MNP has proudly been assisting ventures launch, grow, and thrive for over 25 years. 

There is no time like the present

A growing number of individuals are successfully transitioning out of full-time employment, becoming their own bosses, and succeeding — and you can too.

It’s life-changing, and it’s FREE!

Start your journey today!

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MNP’s Self Employment Program offers you

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Valuable business training: Learn to run a business from experienced professionals

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Business plan development: Develop your business plan to launch your idea 

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Access to MNP Business Advisors: Personalized coaching and business advice

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Meet and network with other business owners

Here is what some of our program participants have to say

“Working with the MNP Self Employment Program I was able to develop leadership skills that have grown beyond my own expectations. These skills set me up for success as a new business owner and have continued to allow me to grow and be a leader for others.
“This program gave me the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and allowed us to share our experiences, celebrate our wins and overcome our challenges together.” 

- Tasha Rhead
TaBella Studio Spa 

"The MNP Self-Employment Program educated and equipped me to take my business from concept to cash flow positive. The comprehensive courses helped me develop a business plan that doubles as a playbook and navigate the perils of startup stage. Without the MNP Program, my business wouldn’t be where it is today - employing four people and supporting other small businesses with my patronage – accountants, lawn care, property managers and more."

- Todd Curran
HomeServ Property Services

"I can't recommend the MNP Self Employment Program enough. They helped me build a business plan, which I would have never done on my own, even though that business plan (and 3-year revenue forecasts) all came true. Sensible Marketer couldn't have grown from a solopreneur start-up to a business supporting four full-time team members without the MNP Self Employment Program. Thank you for helping small businesses grow."

- Katherine Lesperance
Sensible Marketer Inc.


We’re here for you every step of the way!

With an 80% success rate, MNP has proudly been assisting ventures launch, grow, and thrive for over 25 years.

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