Kew Media Group

Kew Media Group has acquired Frantic Films Corporation.


Entertainment and Recreation

Kew Media Group has acquired Frantic Films Corporation. MNP Corporate Finance Inc. provided financial and tax due diligence services to Kew Media Group.

Transaction Brief

Kew Media Group is a special purpose acquisition corporation and was organized for the purpose of affecting the acquisiton of six leading content companies as its qualifying transaction. Kew Media Group is one of the most significant independent content companies in the world, with primary offices covering key centres of the entertainment industry.

Frantic Films Corporation is an award-winning, Winnipeg and Toronto-based content creation company. Formed in 1997, Frantic has experience in a wide range of proprietary content; particularly documentary, factual, reality, drama, comedy, variety and branded. Since its inception, Frantic has created live action programming and released content for a global audience, sold in over 100 countries worldwide.