Ethics Alert Hotline

When a concern of misconduct arises, dealing with it swiftly and demonstrating integrity will protect your organization against financial and reputational harm.

MNP's Ethics Alert Services provides a secure, anonymous and easy-to-use channel for employees and other stakeholders to report incidents of unethical or irregular activity and to express their concerns or suggestions for improvement.

How it works:

How it works infographic

  • Employees or stakeholders submit reports anonymously via phone, text, email or online submission we've customized for your organization.
  • All calls and reports to the whistleblower hotline are reviewed by an experienced investigator with MNP's Investigative and Forensic Service.
  • The investigator provides the details of the call, a threat assessment and an action plan for the client in order to assist the organization with dealing with the threat.
  • MNP's Investigative and Forensic Services have extensive experience in law enforcement and dealing with critical issues. We can help if you determine the need for an external independent investigation.

Solutions for Your Success

  • Benefits of MNP’s Ethics Alert Services

    No matter the size of your organization, a reporting structure enhances early detection and offers you more time to effectively manage threats, mitigate damages and deter future events.

  • Empowering Employees

    Employees may hesitate from reporting issues from fear of revealing their identity. Our online portal is accessible 24/7, independent, confidential and secure.

  • Managing, Responding to Reports

    We provide comprehensive threat assessments and response planning; thorough follow-up, with every complaint reviewed by an investigator; presentations of information obtained through whistleblower hotline to you.


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