Fraud in Canada: A New View

Fraud happens every day, in every province, industry sector and at every economic level. But what do we really know about fraud? MNP analyzed details from fraud cases in Canada involving more than $5,000 to uncover the answers. And the findings – culled from 100s of cases prosecuted between 2012 and 2018 – were revealing.

MNP’s Ethics Alert Services

In an era of increasing stakeholder demand for transparency, a whistleblower hotline service managed by an outside party not only drives value but ensures unbiased reporting.

MNP's Ethics Alert Services provides a secure, anonymous and easy-to-use channel for employees and other stakeholders to report incidents of unethical or irregular activity and to express their concerns or suggestions for improvement.

Benefits of a Whistleblower Hotline

The presence of a whistleblower hotline not only reduces the time it takes to detect misconduct but lessens the financial impact on your organization.

This service creates an extra layer of protection and helps manage risks of theft and fraud, harassment and workplace health and safety issues.

MNP's Ethics Alert service provides a direct line of contact to our Forensic and Risk Management professionals.

If you suspect fraud or another transgression within your company, swift and discrete action is imperative. Our team of investigative and forensic specialists bring a deep wealth of experience in law enforcement, public practice and regulatory matters.

Solutions for Your Business

Take an analytical dive into fraud cases across the country with MNP. Our team took a close look at court cases over $5,000 across the country between 2012 and 2018, discovering revealing information about fraudsters — and a better understanding of how to deter them.


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