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ESSOR Program: Audit 4.0

Access up to $100,000 in government funding to boost your business technology.

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As of January 25, 2024, the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie has temporarily suspended the first component of the ESSOR program to ensure sufficient funds are available for contractual engagements. Investissement Québec is mandated to manage the program and has thus stopped accepting new applications until further notice. Businesses with an application pending will be informed of its status by February 23. For more information, please visit Investissement Québec’s website (in French only) at: 

Please visit their website for more information.

ESSOR provides a grant to businesses in eligible industries to cover 50 percent of the costs for the completion of digital diagnostics, digital plans, and implementation plans (sub-component B), up to a maximum grant of $20,000.

The final deliverable of the Industry 4.0 Audit mandate — i.e., a roadmap, digital diagnostics, digital plans, and implementation plans — can then be submitted to the ESSOR Program. This will allow you to access additional subsidies (under ESSOR component 1c) for the implementation of the roadmap under the ESSOR Section 1c of Investissement Québec. Businesses can receive up to $100,000 per project.

Thus, the subsidy offered can cover 40 percent of the costs of the first project identified during the Industry 4.0 Audit, 30 percent of the second and 20 percent of the third project. In addition, the percentage of the subsidy offered can be increased by 10 percent if the company has fewer than 250 employees and generates sales of at least $2.5 million.

What is the Audit 4.0?

The first step in digital transformation is a digital strategy engagement. The objective of this type of engagement, referred to as the Audit 4.0 under the ESSOR Program (section 1b), is to assess the organization and provide recommendations to the opportunities within the business.

MNP will meet with your key stakeholders, analyze your systems and key business processes, and deliver a digital transformation roadmap with specific actions that can be carried out over the next two to three years. The end goal is to help you fully integrate your business, whether that means streamlining or automating processes, making it more efficient, or positioning it for future growth and success.


Let’s begin your transformation journey

As Canada’s largest and most experienced digital advisory team focused on small and mid-sized businesses, MNP is the perfect partner to help you make the most of this opportunity.

We have local experts conveniently located across the country who understand the challenges and opportunities in your market — and how to help you succeed.

How we can help

Whether you want to better engage with customers, connect a geographically diverse workforce, or get better insight into the factors driving your business, we can help you get there faster.

Grant eligibility assessment

Review the funding criteria with a qualified advisor to determine whether you qualify, and which stream would be best for your business.

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Grant application support

Complete your application with the help of an MNP Digital advisor who can help maximize your funding and the likelihood of approval.

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Business needs assessment

Review your operations, current technology, and business strategy to identify where you can benefit from digital transformation — and what to prioritize. what to prioritize.

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Digital maturity assessment

Evaluate your organization’s digital maturity and recommend focus areas for improvement by understanding how technology is being leveraged internally to deliver value and support operations.

Strategy and roadmap

Design a comprehensive digital strategy with steps, timelines, and resources to achieve your near- and long-term transformation objectives.

Do you qualify for funding?

Although most industries are eligible for the program, some exclusions may apply. If your industry is not eligible, there are other programs available to you. Please do not hesitate to contact our experts to find out more.

Turn your plan into action

Developing your strategic plan and roadmap are just the beginning. You also need to execute throughout your transformation journey. Our comprehensive and highly skilled team of digital transformation architects can provide ongoing support to help you modernize and optimize your business technology.

With MNP, you won’t just get a service provider — but a transformation partner who’s completely invested in your success.

Ready to get started?

Our dedicated team is standing by and ready to help you access and make the most of the Audit 4.0 funding. Reach out today for more information about the program, your eligibility, and your transformation opportunities.