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Financial Instruments

Ensure your information is accurate, transparent, and compliant with support from our team.

You need an accurate assessment of your financial instruments to establish a fair valuation. Our team has the experience you need to get a clear picture — from straight-forward work to complex calculations.

What’s your challenge?

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Determining business value

A complex use of financial instruments can make it more difficult to assess your business value.

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Understanding your hedging risk

Adopting new strategies can feel dangerous without knowing your risk.

How we help

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External valuation

Our team provides advisory and valuation services for complex debt instruments such as convertible debentures and callable debentures.

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Valuation of stock-related compensation

Gain a clear understanding of structures like perform share units, employee stock options, and restricted share units. 

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Hedge accounting and valuation

We can support you with advisory for hedge accounting programs and provide valuation.

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  • Progress

    June 19, 2024

    How the current market impacts the value of your energy business

    How do shifts in the energy sector impact the value of your business? A valuation can help you understand what your company is worth in a volatile market.

  • Progress

    April 01, 2024

    Top five benefits of Employee Share Ownership Plans for engineering firms

    As more and more engineering firms search for, and strive to retain, employees, introducing and ESOP could help boost business and enable firms to plan for the long-term.

  • Confidence

    January 19, 2024

    Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process for Deposit-Taking Institutions

    What you need to know about the new Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) for Canadian deposit-taking institutions and how to prepare.

Contact our Valuations team

Ancheng Luo, Partner

Ancheng is a member of MNP’s Valuations Services team in Toronto.

Ancheng has a rich background in valuation for complex instruments, including all types of financial derivatives, debentures, stock-based compensations, royalty agreements, and other exotic financing packages. He has serviced corporate clients and financial institutions for over a decade.

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