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Business Transactions

Understanding your current and projected business value is essential to the growth of your company. We provide comprehensive valuation services for a range of transactions.

To make the right decisions, you need more than just numbers. You need advisors with a deep level of knowledge and experience across a range of industries. Our team of business valuation professionals brings clear insights and delivers comprehensive valuation services that can lead to exciting new opportunities for your business — all with a local perspective.

What’s your challenge?

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Uncertainty in business valuation

Creating a business valuation is complex — and uncertainty can lead to challenges in negotiations, financing, and strategic decision-making.

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Making strong decisions in complex situations

Without a clear understanding of a business’ value, you could struggle to make strategic choices related to mergers, acquisitions, sales, or other significant transactions.

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Managing transaction risk

With so much on the line, understanding your risks in the business transaction process is critical to success.

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Establishing stakeholder confidence

Ambiguities in business valuation can erode stakeholder confidence, impacting the ability to secure funding or negotiate favourable terms.

How we help

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Precision in valuation

We employ robust methodologies to ensure precise business valuations, considering a myriad of factors to reflect the true economic value of your enterprise.

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Informed decision-making

Our business valuation services empower you with the insights you need to make informed and strategic decisions, whether you are navigating mergers, acquisitions, sales, or seeking investment.

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Enhanced stakeholder confidence

By delivering transparent and well-supported company valuations, our team of business valuation advisors helps you to instill confidence among investors, lenders, and stakeholders — fostering successful business transactions. 

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Risk mitigation strategies

We identify and assess potential risks associated with business transactions, providing you with the tools to develop effective risk mitigation strategies and navigate due diligence processes seamlessly.

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Fairness opinion

Gain an unbiased opinion on whether a transaction — such as an asset sale, merger, or going private — is fair from a financial viewpoint. Our team provides an in-depth analysis of economic and financial factors before reaching a value.

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Contact our Valuations team

Michael Sileika 

Michael Sileika CPA, CA, CBV

National Lead, Valuation Services

Michael Sileika, CPA, CA, CBV, is the lead Partner for Valuation services in Canada. Michael has over 20 years of experience delivering valuation services for purposes ranging from mergers and acquisitions, litigation support, economic loss quantification, damage quantification, fairness opinions, arbitration and financial reporting.

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