Ontario Job Grant Training

Develop your employees and build a stronger workforce for tomorrow with specialized training programs from MNP. Our professionals combine experience with textbook knowledge to deliver courses that will help your organization take the next step.

MNP has been partnering with the Canadian Ontario Job Grant and other provincial job grants since 2014. Our trainers’ value proposition is that we deliver results — not reports. We conduct classroom training and on the floor training for our clients that help then enable their learnings to make positive changes to their work environment. This ensures that learning, job enlargement and role advancement can take place in an expedited manner.

100 percent of our clients serve as references, with many being able to offer their employees more advanced roles and pay increases and have grown because of our training.


MNP Experiential Training Solutions

  • Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) and Kaizen Theoretical Training

    This course teaches you how to develop data-driven improvement cycles for optimizing business process and design. Learn how to define charters and business problems, how to measure performance, analysis techniques, mitigation and improvement techniques and common control techniques.

  • Theory of Constraints/Seven Wastes of Lean

    In this course, you learn the Theory of Constraints Methodology and tools that allow your front line managers to control process constraints and remove waste from a process. We focus on:

    • Removing process steps
    • Reducing frequency of the process step
    • Reducing process step touch time
  • Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycles

    Learn techniques to stimulate continuous improvement throughout your business. We deliver tools for analyzing situations and teach you how to gather the data you need to achieve results.

  • Inventory Management

    This course teaches you best practices for lean inventory management using Kanban systems, visual cues and techniques. You will learn how to isolate problems in the current system, including inventory shortages, spoilage, and over stocking.

  • Project Tracking

    Learn how to keep projects on time and on budget with informative tracking strategies. Our course teaches you about time-based criteria and objective oriented criteria so you can ensure your project gets delivered as expected.

  • Process Capability Analysis and Process Maps and Flow Charts

    In this course, you’ll learn how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your process. Our team helps you understand how to flow a process with a well-defined set of inputs and how they can be converted to pre-determined outputs.

  • Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers (SIPOC) Diagrams 

    This course teaches you the SIPOC diagram method and how you can apply it to your organization. You will learn the key suppliers to your process and identify who supplies inputs to your process, who kind of specifications are placed on the inputs, what are the requirements needed for the customer, and who are the customers of the process.

  • Lean Tool Development using Excel – Part One

    This course provides a foundational understanding of the Excel program and teaches you how it can be used to apply lean concepts to your organization. We focus on measurement tools and techniques, teaching you how to collect data from the process and use Excel to analyze it in a compelling way.

  • Lean Tool Development using Excel – Part Two

    Take your Excel skills to the next level. Learn how to understand Excel language and use that knowledge to write powerful formulas from scratch. You’ll learn how to develop control charts, trend analysis, and root cause analysis.

  • Lean Total Quality Management

    We introduce you to the concepts of total quality management, including statistical process controls and six sigma tracking. You’ll also learn lean manufacturing tools such as the five whys, 5S organization, root cause analysis, and value stream mapping.

  • Additional Lean Six Sigma Measurement Techniques

    Learn how to use tools such as the Ishikawa fishbone diagram, relational matrix, prioritization matrix, and more. Our instructors will walk you through basis statistical functions and introduce the basics features of data so you can implement change successfully in your organization.

  • Revenue Growth and Strategy Facilitation and Training

    This training session includes conducting a facilitated gap analysis on your current sales structure and training your sales leadership on how to execute change in your organization. You will learn about implementing best-in-class sales processes and routine management.

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Yohaan Thommy PMP, LSSBB, CMC


Yohaan Thommy, LSSBB, PMP,CMC, is a Partner with MNP and leads the firm’s performance improvement practice nationally.

Working out of the Mississauga office, Yohaan focuses on delivering measurable financial results for his clients, helping them make their organizations more valuable while bringing greater financial predictability. Yohaan’s services include performance improvement, training on revenue growth and sales, helping with supply chain management and conducting business process reviews to improve operations.