Governments are transforming the way they operate and interact with citizens. You are under significant pressure to deliver programs and services under increasing fiscal scrutiny and citizen expectations. Our team includes leading, innovative public sector consultants and professionals who bring extensive experience in Canada’s diverse economic, cultural, and social landscape.

We help with strategic planning, department plans, process improvement, program evaluation, core services reviews, organizational design, succession planning, and technology reviews, amongst other services.

Solutions for Your Success

  • Strategy and Planning

    As long-term planning and multi-year budgets become standard, our comprehensive approach is designed to create meaningful, realistic, and results-oriented strategic and operational plans for a stable and sustainable public sector.

  • Performance Improvement

    In an era of heightened accountability and fiscal restraint, optimizing people and processes has never been more important. Using a collaborative methodology and approach tailored to your organization, MNP gains understanding in each area of your organization to deliver strategies and recommendations that ensure you achieve the desired outcomes in the efficient and cost-effective manner citizens demand.

  • Organizations and People

    The workplace is rapidly changing, forcing your organization to adapt or fall behind. Embrace the new age of work with our help. Our team delivers leadership development strategies, succession training, talent and recruitment advice, and performance management expertise, all to help you prepare for the road ahead. 

  • Economics and Research

    Make the right decisions by being armed with the right data. Our economics and research team delivers critical studies and analysis to help guide your policy and decision-making process.


    • Performance
      oil and gas pipes

      July 15, 2021

      Improving profitability starts with answering this one question

      Pinpoint where your operation is losing money, and how with two key steps. Find out more here.

    • Confidence
      Working desk

      July 09, 2021

      Undertaking Transformation Initiatives? An agile independent risk assessment can be an invaluable GPS

      While the benefits of ground-breaking change can be momentous, transformation also comes with significant risks.

    • Performance
      Group of business people looking over documents

      July 05, 2021

      The future of government grant, incentive and loan program delivery: A Collaborative Model for Operational Excellence

      A new, collaborative model to manage and administer government grant, incentive and loan (GIL) programs through third parties is setting the stage for increased efficiencies and transparency. Our whitepaper examines how it works and best practice components.

    Contact our Public Sector Team

    Headshot image of Craig Kutarna Gates

    Craig Kutarna Gates

    National Leader; Provincial Leader (SK) – Public Sector

    Craig Gates, MPA, is a Practice Leader with MNP’s Consulting team in Saskatchewan. Taking a collaborative approach, Craig delivers strong strategic support to executive teams and boards of directors in public companies, executive government, crown corporations, economic development agencies and Aboriginal organizations.

    An experienced consultant, Craig analyzes complex organizational challenges and opportunities and develops innovative strategies to help clients reach their goals. He has successfully led diverse projects involving strategic planning, business planning, operational reviews and planning, market research and intelligence, and performance effectiveness.

    Craig has almost 15 years of professional consulting experience with global, regional and local firms. He takes pride in helping organizations realize their potential while making a difference to stakeholders and the broader community. His solutions are always practical and designed to produce results.

    After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in 1997, Craig went on to receive a Master of Public Administration degree from Queen’s University. Craig is a graduate of Leadership Regina, a program that develops and educates community leaders. He also co-founded the Regina Regional Economic Development Authority’s Future Leaders Group.