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Forensics and Litigation Support - Fraud Mitigation, Identification and Resolution

Forensics and Litigation Support - Fraud Mitigation, Identification and Resolution

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Protect your organization’s assets and reputation with MNP’s Forensics and Litigation Support team.



We conduct fact-finding investigations with respect to the behaviour of employees, managers and third parties to help management make informed and difficult decisions about fraud and misconduct in the workplace.

Triggering Events
  • Allegation, concern, report or tip about fraud, bribery, theft
  • Allegations of workplace misconduct such as harassment, bullying, conflict of interest


Let the evidence tell the story: MNP’s Forensics team will preserve, analyze and report on computer evidence to standards required for criminal or civil proceedings.

Triggering Events
  • Allegation or concern about fraud, bribery, theft
  • Allegations of workplace misconduct such as harassment
  • Allegation of computer misuse
  • Unauthorized access to computer systems

Litigation Support

As a client or a client’s legal representative, be confident the numbers are accurate when calculating or critiquing financial losses in legal disputes.

Triggering Events
  • Lawsuit between customer and vendor alleging losses
  • Delay and extra cost claim in construction disputes
  • allegations of misuse of funds / lack financial reporting
  • Inheritor concerns over estate assets, management and distribution of assets
  • Marital breakdown / dispute over support and family / business assets


Ensure your insurance claim and losses are resolved appropriately after a crisis.

Triggering Events
  • Events which cause property losses and interruption to business activities
  • Natural disasters such as forest fire, flood, storms, drought
  • Human-caused crisis such as explosions, arson, strikes, blockades, fraud



Without a focus on controls, changes to remote business processes will create more opportunity for fraud.

Increased economic challenges and financial pressure can increase motivation to commit fraud.

Fraudsters who are now working remotely will no longer be able to hide ongoing frauds from their employer.


Shuttered construction sites or ones with a reduced workforce are targets for opportunistic theft of office and outdoor equipment and inventory. Employees can take advantage of your company’s business opportunities being temporarily shelved to go after them themselves. Smaller teams can result in less oversight and supervision, increasing the risk of intellectual property theft.


Employee conflict can increase along with workplace stress under the new business environment. Employees working remotely are subject to less supervision which can lead to more time theft. Using company equipment from home can result in increased misuse of computers and breaching of company policy.


Contracts and relationships with suppliers and vendors could be damaged due to shutdowns, giving rise to litigation. As financial pressures increase, expect more shareholder disputes around operations and profit. Employee terminations could result in costly wrongful dismissal claims. Marital breakdowns from increased economic pressure and the stress of being in quarantine with children at home due to school closures.


Ethics Alert System

Insider tips by employees have shown to result in earlier detection and resolution of fraud and workplace misconduct, as well as cost savings to employers. MNP’s Ethics Alert system allows employees to make anonymous tips via email or telephone hotline around fraud, theft, harassment, and health and safety issues.

Services include:

  • Implementing hotline and email
  • All day, year-round monitoring
  • Awareness training
  • Customized reporting

Fraud Prevention

Improve your systems and controls to prevent and detect fraud with MNP’s Forensics team.

Services include:

  • Fraud risk assessments for divisions, functions and companies
  • Fraud analytics development
  • Internal control testing
  • Fraud awareness training
  • Development of fraud risk management programs and strategies

Anti Money Laundering (AML)

Ensure your organization meets and complies with Canadian anti-money laundering regulations and the requirements of your financial institution.

requirements of Services include:

  • Development and improvements to AML Programs
  • Bi-annual effectiveness reviews required by Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)
  • Preparation for and response to regulatory exams
  • Outsourced Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer services
To find out how MNP can help, contact:

Lisa Majeau Gordon, FCPA, FCA, CA∙IFA, CFE, CFF
National Leader
Forensics and Litigation Support
[email protected]

Rob Fowlie, CPA, CA-IFA, CFE
Toronto Practice Leader
Forensics and Litigation Support
[email protected]


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