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Maturity and Threat Analysis

February 21, 2018

Maturity and Threat Analysis

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Maturity and Threat Analysis

Why Choose MNP’s Maturity and Threat Analysis Services

The majority of organizations do not have a strong understanding of what their cyber security posture is, nor the actual threats they should care about. As a result, we have developed a proprietary Maturity and Threat Analysis. Leveraging our multi-industry experience and proven methodologies, we deliver practical, pragmatic and actionable advice. Combining the Critical Security Controls with the OpenFAIR risk analysis framework and the best data the industry has from the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), we help you build a pragmatic plan to reduce risk and improve your cyber security stance.

How to Measure Risk

Many organizations don’t know what risks they face. They try to assess this by performing a top-down threat and risk assessment that considers the value of their cyber assets to them, using a matrix method that results in risk divorced from any measurable values. This approach is inadequate; you need to assess your risk based on what threats are acting against you, what industry sector you are part of, the strength of your controls and the monetary impacts to your organization. Bottom line: You ARE at risk and it’s time to measure it in terms that matter to your executive suite.

Goal-Based and Measurable

Measure Analyze Plan Maintain

MNP’s Maturity and Threat Analysis Provides You With:

  • A structured and detailed assessment based on the CSC framework
  • An all-encompassing maturity dashboard with key analytics
    • evaluating high-risk areas
    • determining value of security controls
  • Quick win recommendations
  • Maturity averages from similar business verticals
  • Tailored analysis based on quantitative threat data
  • Focused allocation of budget and resources
  • Immediate and prioritized risk reduction strategies
  • A prioritized and risk based roadmap customized to your unique business
  • Your overall maturity score against the CSC framework


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