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Our Commitment to the Real Estate and Construction Industry

Success in the real estate and construction industry means eliminating the word standard from your vocabulary. Setting yourself apart to create something truly unique. As one of the fastest-growing firms in Canada, we lead by example. We understand what it takes to not only grow your business, but to structure it effectively for the long term. We also know that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. You require strategies as innovative as you are. Our unique collaborative approach ensures you are always part of the solution, as we work together to build plans that will allow your business to stand above the rest.

With expertise in markets throughout Canada, we’ve worked with some of the nation’s most recognized developers. We continue to invest our time and resources into building teams and services that are specifically designed to help the real estate and construction industry thrive.

Our Tailored Services for Real Estate and Construction Industry

Assurance and Accounting

Our services go well beyond traditional accounting. We help you ensure regulatory compliance while providing transparency, giving you the confidence to make informed choices that will help grow your business.


We help you identify and leverage opportunities while navigating roadblocks. Our comprehensive menu of services will optimize your company’s operations, organizational structure and finances.

Enterprise Risk

We assist in the development and implementation of proven risk mitigation strategies to protect your company’s reputation, people, operations and assets, providing you peace-of-mind to make bold decisions with confidence.

Corporate Finance

True business leaders always have tomorrow in their sights, whether they’re consider expansion, merging with or acquiring another business or looking to attract investors. We help you set attainable goals, investigate prospects and take advantage of opportunities to grow your business.


No matter how big your real estate or construction business becomes, it will eventually need to run without you. We offer one of the most comprehensive succession planning programs available to help you start planning for tomorrow, today.


Every business has to file taxes – but you shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’ve been filed correctly. We make the process worry-free while providing value to your business.

Valuation, Forensics and Litigation Support

Protect your business and make decisions with confidence through the peace-of-mind our professionals can bring. We help you understand the value of your business or assets through our valuation and litigation support services. In addition, we develop comprehensive fraud strategies to help you prevent and resolve any instances of misconduct.



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Image for Lee Thiessen
National Leader, Real Estate & Construction

Lee Thiessen, MBA, is a Senior Partner in MNP’s Calgary office and the firm’s National Leader of the Real Estate and Construction group. Highly experienced, Lee focuses on helping clients achieve their short- and long-term goals, bringing strategic expertise and insight to each engagement.

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