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Value Creation

Unlock more value from your business, discover opportunities for improvement, and achieve better results with a value creation strategy.

Helping your business grow and realize better value

You need a plan to enhance business value and increase the bottom-line results of your business. A comprehensive approach can help your business grow and realize more value through improving its operational efficiency, optimizing its supply chain, or maximizing synergies during a merger or acquisition.

Our Value Creation team has the experience you need to conduct thorough analyses that will identify new opportunities and implement solutions within your organization. We will work with you throughout every step of the process — from strategy and planning, through to execution. Together, we can help your business realize better outcomes both now and in the future.

What’s your challenge?

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Improve performance

Many key performance areas contribute to the profitability of your business. You need to identify new opportunities for performance improvement to enhance efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase your profit margin.

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Optimize your supply chain

Disruptions to your supply chain can impact your ability to meet the demands of your customers. It is essential to explore new strategies to build resiliency into your supply chain to deliver on your products and services.

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M&A integration

It takes careful planning to execute a merger or acquisition successfully. Your business needs to create a strategy to minimize disruptions, maximize organizational efficiency, and realize greater deal value.

How we help

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Maximize efficiency

You need to enhance the performance of your business to improve your profit margin. Our advisors can help you increase the performance of critical areas of your organization through technology integration, business process improvement, workforce optimization, and more.

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Supply chain transformation

It is critical to increase the resiliency of your supply chain to deliver on your products and services. Our team can develop supply chain strategies to reduce bottlenecks, optimize vendors, and improve efficiencies to help you meet customer demands.

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M&A integration management

You need to take the right steps to minimize disruptions during a merger or acquisition. Our advisors can help you create a strategy to mitigate risks, maintain business continuity, and identify opportunities to reduce cost or increase revenues to maximize the value from your deal.

Frequently asked questions

Contact our Consulting Team

Hussam Malek

Hussam Malek , P.Eng, M.Eng, MBA


Hussam Malek, P.Eng, PMP, M.Eng, MBA, is a Partner with MNP in Mississauga and leads the firm’s Operations, Performance Improvement team within Consulting.

Hussam provides customized practical solutions to his clients, helping them implement management systems that position their businesses for transformation, growth and profitability. Hussam helps organizations improve their top and bottom lines, working with clients to establish a management system that allows operations to run more efficiently, effectively and independently.

Nicole Asselin 

Nicole Asselin , MBA, CMC


Nicole is a member of MNP’s Consulting Advisory Services practice in Edmonton. She brings more than 15 years of industry and management consulting experience when serving clients locally and provincially. Nicole is a disciplined project manager who is dedicated to delivering maximum value to her clients.

Recognized for building exceptional client relationships and delivering high quality work, Nicole heads the Consulting Services’ Real Estate and Construction team where she works with leaders to set strategic direction, provides operational support and solves diverse management challenges. As the local Edmonton Performance Improvement team, she evaluates business processes to identify and operationalize opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness, improve productivity and enhance profitability.

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