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ESG Reporting and Compliance Consulting Services

Provide a thorough and independently verified accounting of your ESG initiatives 

Financial reporting captures only a portion of a company’s value creation potential and organizational risks.  

ESG reporting is critical to communicate the urgency your organization places on sustainability and how you quantify and validate your sustainability efforts.  

Well-formed ESG reports deliver: 

  • Integrated reporting that provides a complete picture of your value creation potential and enterprise risk landscape. 
  • Commitment to driving sustainability and competitive advantage. 
  • Disclosure of ESG strategy, innovation, capacity, reputation management, commercial risk mitigation and resource efficiency. 
  • Disclosure of ESG risks, uncertainties, challenges and trends that may affect your financial performance and long-term sustainability. 

What are your challenges?

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Lack of relevant data for ESG reporting

With the focus shifting from quantitative to qualitative measures of ESG performance, many organizations are struggling to gather and communicate evidence to reflect their progress. You may not know where to look for this data or best practices to ensure it is consistent and rigorous.  

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There is no standard structure to validate progress on ESG metrics   

Even with the appropriate data, many organizations have yet to establish a reliable process to track and analyze it year-over-year. The growing number of regulatory frameworks, increased stakeholder scrutiny, and increased urgency to act only add to this challenge. 

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Rapidly evolving stakeholder/regulator expectations

Ad-hoc and qualitative reporting is no longer acceptable for regulators and stakeholder groups. Most now want to see independently verified qualitative evidence of your ESG disclosures and progress — and standards vary across reporting frameworks.   

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Resourcing constraints

ESG expectations are evolving quickly, and few organizations have a dedicated team to manage data collection, verification, and reporting. You may be struggling to balance the time and cost constraints of building internal capacity and expectations to meet regulatory/stakeholder deadlines.     

How we can help

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Carbon Footprint Measurement and Greenhouse Gas Verification

Get a rigorous and objective accounting of your organization’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. We can help you quantify and report on these measures accurately and in a way that aligns with your relevant regulatory frameworks.  

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Demographic Census

Capture and effectively report on the diversity of your employees, leadership and board. We can help you understand how hiring and recruitment practices support your Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) goals and where your organization may be falling short.

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OSFI B-15 Readiness

Meet your financial institution's federal reporting requirements on climate-related risks and mitigation strategies. We can help you quantify your risk exposures and proportionality and create an effective system for year-end reporting.

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ESG Audit and ESG Disclosures

Deliver comprehensive third-party assurance on the effectiveness of your ESG initiatives. We will ensure the ESG data you disclose to regulators and stakeholders is objective, accurate, and stands up to the highest scrutiny.  

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Meeting ESG Reporting Requirements

Deliver transparent and comprehensive ESG reporting to relevant stakeholder groups and regulatory bodies. Our team will ensure your reporting is thorough and accurate and delivers the information your audience expects.

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Respond to societal shifts calling for more inclusive workplaces. We support your business with a flexible and knowledge-based approach to ensure your policies and strategies reflect the diverse communities you serve.

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