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MNP's Regional Farm Benchmark Services

Get more from your financial numbers

The economics of farming today mean that every dollar counts more than ever. Understanding how to translate day-to-day decisions into annual profits is essential to the ongoing success of every farm operation. MNP is offering a service that will allow producers to participate in a Regional Farm Benchmark. Participating farm operations will allow their farm data to be compiled with other similar farm operations in exchange for a summary of how they compare to an average of their peers. It will be presented in a manner to allow farms to be compared against each other regardless of size.

Why subscribe?

  • Added tool to assist in the evaluation of your farm business along with your historical results.
  • Will help you see how your farm compares on several financial indicators.
  • This information can be utilized to assist in developing annual and long-term goals and targets for your business.

Questions it may answer:

  • Are costs proportional to your farm size?
  • Are you achieving expected efficiencies with the additional acres you are farming?
  • Are higher yields translating into more profits?
  • How are my equipment expenses trending against my peers?

Want even more?

Agriculture is a sophisticated industry – and a sophisticated, strategic approach is required to manage a farm business today. Working with a farm management consultant can provide a review of all aspects of your operation today, and what it may look like in the future to ensure you are ready for whatever is around the next corner.


Complimentary 30-minute consultation

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Contact our Farm Management Team

Shannon Lueke PAg

Partner and Farm Management Consultant

Shannon Lueke, PAg., is a Partner and Farm Management Consultant with MNP’s Agriculture Services group in the North Saskatchewan Region. Working with producers, agri-business, government and other agricultural agencies, Shannon delivers advice and solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation and goals.

Shannon draws on more than 15 years of experience to develop and implement solutions to the wide range of issues that today’s farmers face. She assists with strategic planning, financial management, succession planning, production economics and human resources and connects clients with the firm’s broad-based expertise when they are experiencing specific challenges.

Shannon is a designated Professional Agrologist (PAg.).