Farm Management Consultants

MNP’s Farm Management Consulting (FMC) team is proud to help farmers and livestock producers remain competitive and profitable. Our FMC team is made up of professional agrologists and consultants who come from extensive agriculture backgrounds, bringing a high level of technical expertise, firsthand knowledge and close relationships with the agriculture industry to every engagement.

Our advisors are actively involved in agriculture organizations and undertake a program of continuous professional development and learning. We are up to date on changes in legislation, regulations, support programs and commodity markets, as well as land values and other trends. This ensures the advice we give and the recommendations we make are well informed.

Whether you are looking for advice on your day-to-day challenges or require specific advice on areas such as crop selection, cost of production or financial structuring or you’re looking to recruit a new farm manager, we can help. Our customizable service offering means you can engage with us for as much or as little assistance as you wish.

Solutions for Your Success

  • Annual Management Planning

    Our annual management planning service taps into the information you’ve collected about your farm’s profitability, competitors, market conditions and other factors to help you make more informed decisions.

  • Business Structures

    Tax planning, asset management and applying the appropriate business structure are essential to your success. Working with our farm accounting and tax specialists, we help you identify and set up the best structure for your operation.

  • Strategic Planning

    The development of a farm business strategy can be the difference between one good year and a long-term trend of growth and success. We assess your current situation and develop an actionable plan.

  • Farm Business Reviews

    We look at all aspects of your farm in comparison to your specific peer group, rather than industry averages, to provide practical advice for making actionable changes and improvements.

  • Production Economics & Marketing

    We conduct an in-depth analysis that considers all the influencers on your farm’s profitability to identify a more efficient production strategy for your most profitable crops.

  • Risk Management

    We identify your key risk factors and their impact on your bottom line to develop a thorough, customized risk strategy. We also offer Ag Risk Management Projector™, a new product to help determine which insurance program(s) you should include as part of your annual risk management strategy. Learn more about this service by downloading our brochure here.

  • Farm Debt Restructuring

    We help you select the best financial or debt structure to satisfy existing and future lenders.

  • Training and Education

    We offer one-on-one and classroom training programs on topics like financial management, AgExpert, funding opportunities and human resources.

  • TransitionSMART™ is our proprietary process that helps producers address their succession plans in a methodical, comprehensive way.

  • Understanding how to translate day-to-day decisions into annual profits is essential to the ongoing success of every farm operation. MNP is offering a service that will allow producers to participate in a Regional Farm Benchmark.

  • Using the best data available post-harvest, you don’t need to wait until your financial statements arrive before you begin planning for next year. Our Profit 360 financial modelling solution offers you a competitive edge by highlighting your financial realities in real time, allowing you to make informed projections for your future revenue, profits, and costs.


    • Progress

      September 11, 2023

      What does the Underused Housing Tax mean for farm owners?

      If you own a farm with a residential property, you may be subject to the Underused Housing Tax rules. Here’s who needs to file the annual return and who may be exempt from the tax.

    • Performance

      May 23, 2023

      A guide to benchmarking for grain farmers

      Rather than strictly a comparison to your peers, benchmarking offers grain farmers a chance to look at their own business from a different perspective and build a guide for the future success of their operations.

    • Confidence

      April 19, 2023

      Mentoring and transition starts in the farm management buddy seat

      The ride-a-long or farm management buddy seat is essentially a mentorship program to adequately train the next generation in the areas of farm business management – so you can leave a lasting legacy on your terms.

    Contact our Agriculture Team

    Eric Olson BSAg, PAg

    Farm Management Consultant

    Eric Olson, BSAg, PAg, is a Farm Management Consultant working out of MNP’s Winnipeg office. Working closely with his clients, Eric helps owners of small and large farm operations make effective business decisions so they can increase the profitability of their farms and enhance their competitive edge.

    With more than 28 years working in the agricultural industry, Eric has an unparalleled understanding of local and international market conditions, which he uses to help producers strategically develop their operations. His services include assisting with strategic planning — helping clients identify and take action toward long-term goals — as well as engaging in business planning to set goals for the next one to three years.

    Eric uses his extensive client base and in-depth industry knowledge to review clients’ operations and compare them to benchmarks. These valuable reviews provide producers with the information they need to grow their operations effectively and efficiently. In 1989, Eric earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba. That same year he was designated a Professional Agrologist.