People and Culture

Create an environment that supports sustainable success

Align your strategy, skills, experience, and ways of working to support a healthy and productive human operating system. Together, we’ll craft a talent and retention strategy that puts the right people in the right roles and keeps them feeling supported and engaged.  

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Measure your existing culture and define what it means to work at, lead, and be part of your business. This baseline assessment will dispel any misconceptions about you think it’s like to work at your organization, so you can set out creating the most functional and engaged work environment possible.

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Define the transformation journey

Mobilize leadership to review your diagnostic results and secure buy-in on the need for change. Here, you’ll define the challenges, qualify your desired state, and clarify the changes necessary to become the happy, engaged, and highly productive organization you want — and have the potential — to be.

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Build roadmap

Craft a stepwise plan for change, engaging senior team members and other influential leaders throughout the process. You will distill your transformation journey into actionable steps with clearly defined objectives, timelines, communications strategies, resource requirements, and measures of success.

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Transform the organization

Create team charters that define the roles, responsibilities, and steps for each department to create a cohesive and strategically aligned workplace. While the journey make look different for each team, the outcome should be consistent with the vision outlined in the transformation journey and roadmap.

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Measure impact

Monitor your progress both periodically throughout the transformation process, and whenever material changes occur in your business and market environment. Keeping track of your key performance metrics and culture score will ensure your transformation sticks and continues to serve your business needs.

Private Enterprise Consulting

We specialize in end-to-end transformation and deliver the solutions and perspectives you need to reach your full potential. Our team doesn’t just help you adapt to change; together we’ll define and design the future of your business.  

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Trent Bester MBA

Senior Vice President, Consulting

Trent Bester, MBA, BComm., is Senior Vice President, Consulting, Aboriginal and Public Sector.

Trent is a member of the firm’s management team and leads the Consulting group in managing large-scale projects and designs solutions for complex business problems. He specializes in improving supply chain operations and has consulted on many areas of supply chain management, including strategic sourcing, procurement, maintenance, inventory management and operations process redesign.

Trent joined MNP in 2004 to lead the Management Consulting sector with a focus on key industry segments including energy and utilities, forestry, health care, financial services and manufacturing. Prior to this, Trent held numerous management positions in private industry including managing his own manufacturing company.

Trent earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Texas Christian University in 1985. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm.) degree from Baylor University.

Sean Devin

Regional Managing Partner

Mary Larson MBA, ICD.D

Leader, Consulting – Organizational Renewal

Yohaan Thommy PMP, LSSBB, CMC