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ESG Strategy and Governance Consulting Services

Define your vision for an ESG-enabled future  

Pressure is mounting for organizations in every industry and region to adopt more equitable, sustainable, and socially responsible business practices. Meeting these expectations requires a comprehensive strategy and governance framework that aligns with business objectives and values.  

ESG strategy must weave through all aspects of the organization with the support of robust governance structures. That includes clear policies and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating progress across the pillars of ESG.  

Our ESG strategy consulting services provide a tailored approach to ensure your business can meet the demand for responsible and sustainable business practices while creating long-term stakeholder value. 

What are your challenges?

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ESG efforts are fragmented and unfocused

The urgency to improve across all areas of ESG may be spreading your resources too thin and blunting your efforts. You may not know which initiatives are worthwhile or how to measure their impact.

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Team members don’t recognize the importance of ESG

Team members may feel ESG is too costly or disruptive to your existing business plan. The lack of buy-in can stall ESG initiatives and increase the financial and reputational costs of inaction.  

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Lack of expertise within the organization

Leaders may hesitate to take responsibility for ESG and EDI. They may feel ill-equipped and underqualified, stalling efforts toward an effective strategy and governance framework.  

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Inconsistent messaging and enforcement 

Leaders and team members may not understand how your ESG vision impacts their day-to-day work. This could be because the relevant policies and procedures don’t exist or are not properly enforced. 

How we can help

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Materiality Assessments 

Understand the ESG topics that are most financially and reputationally significant for your organization. Our ESG strategy consulting team will ensure you invest in initiatives with the highest leverage, lowest cost, and greatest overall impact.  

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Maturity Assessments 

Benchmark your progress in adopting and integrating ESG best practices. Our ESG advisory team can help you understand where you are on your journey and recommend steps to progress towards your goals.  

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ESG Policy Reviews

Equip everyone in your organization to make meaningful progress toward your ESG goals. We can review your existing policies and recommend improvements to align corporate practices with your values and ESG strategy objectives.  

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Strategic Planning

Create a compelling vision and roadmap for achieving your ESG goals. Our ESG strategy team can provide a wealth of experience, objectivity, and data-driven insight to enhance your planning process.  

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ESG and EDI Training for Boards, Leaders, and Employees

Empower your board, C-suite, and rank-and-file to live and breathe ESG best practices. We tailor our ESG training solutions to match your business, industry, and team’s baseline knowledge. 

ESG and EDI Governance and Board Support

Get on-demand support to develop, review, implement, and assess the effectiveness of your ESG/EDI governance frameworks. We can act as an extension of your board to advise on best practices and help validate your decision-making. 

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Respond to societal shifts calling for more inclusive workplaces. We support your business with a flexible and knowledge-based approach to ensure your policies and strategies reflect the diverse communities you serve.

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