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Fruit and Vegetables Processing

Canada’s fruit and vegetable processing industry has seen many of the same challenges facing the rest of the food industry since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Soaring inflation and labour shortages have put pressure on the sector in a way that’s bred innovation out of necessity. And as consumer demands change with the tides, adjusting to new trends and economic factors appears to be the new normal.

Automation has reared its head in the fruit and vegetables processing sector, as efficiencies become more vital to keep up and stay competitive. While the bigger operations can adjust, smaller processors continue to struggle, and are routinely bought and integrated into the bigger players.

Navigating the current environment and planning for the future is what MNP’s team of advisors are best at. Working closely with clients in the fruit and vegetables processing sector, MNP offers a wide range of services to help meet the unique needs of companies from across the country.

How we can help


Minimizing tax exposure and boosting efficiencies can mean the difference between a good year and a terrible year. Our team will dive deep into your tax situation to ensure you’re getting the most out of your operations and aren’t missing valuable opportunities. 


Corporate services

MNP’s team can help simplify the complex problems of corporate structure, reorganization, and filing requirements. Whether you’re preparing annual forms or growing the business, it helps to have professionals on your side.

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It can be difficult to fully understand what’s going on in the sector at all times, and even more challenging to know where it’s going next. MNP’s consulting team assesses your operations to see what the best next steps might be and how to prepare for an unpredictable future. 

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Performance improvement

Whether you’re looking to make key investments or revamp your production floor, MNP’s performance improvement team has years of experience helping organizations unlock their full potential. 

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Buying or merging with an existing company can be a very complicated process and transformation. MNP’s M&A team brings expertise to help you properly assess a potential purchase or merger and ensure its integration runs smoothly.  


Market trends

While there are numerous ways to prepare for the future, it can be impossible to predict what might come next. However, there are a few ongoing trends in fruit and vegetables processing that our team anticipates will stick around for the long haul.

  • Consumer desire to eat organic, clean foods but resistance to pay an increased cost for those products.
  • Precut salads, snack foods and convenience products


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Contact Our Food and Beverages Processing Team

Matt MacDonald MBA

National Leader, Food & Beverage Processing

Matt is MNP’s National Leader of the Firm’s Food and Beverage Processing practice and a Business Advisor, Assurance and Accounting, in Mississauga. Matt proactively helps clients manage their business and set strategic goals for both their personal and professional futures. By leveraging his extensive experience working with family businesses and clients across multiple sectors, Matt helps his clients implement practical business advisory, tax, and accounting strategies, along with strong business fundamentals.

An active participant in the food and beverage processing industry and various associations across Canada, Matt brings more than 15 years of experience to his role as a trusted advisor.

Matt received an Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA) in political science and economics from McMaster University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in executive leadership and finance from Liberty University.

Matt has extensive board experience in both the private and not-for-profit sectors, most recently serving as a national director for Make-A-Wish Canada. He sits on the Oakville Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

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