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Our Commitment to the Food and Beverage Processing Industry

Canada’s dynamic food and beverage processing industry is rapidly growing and full of opportunity. However, where there’s opportunity, there’s also fierce competition and a host of complex and interrelated issues to contend with. From adopting new technologies and training staff to health and safety requirements and industry consolidation, your processing business must be many steps ahead to stay competitive.

Our specialists keep a pulse on the challenges facing food and beverage processing businesses by participating in key industry associations, building strong relationships with today’s processors and monitoring the factors that impact your business locally, nationally and globally.

With an in-depth understanding of the food and beverage processing industry, we’re able to provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to help you succeed — today, and well into the future.

Our Tailored Services for Food and Beverage Processors

Assurance and Accounting

Accurate financial reporting is required for food and beverage processing operations, whether they’re big or small. Our assurance solutions are specifically tailored to help your organization prosper.


Our food and beverage processing consultants bring a deep level of industry insight to every engagement. We develop strategies to increase efficiencies, improve profitability and position your operation for success.

Enterprise Risk

A comprehensive risk management program that considers your overall business strategy allows you to anticipate possible risks and better manage them, giving you a powerful advantage over your competitors.


Protect the legacy and business you’ve worked so hard to build. Whether transitioning to a family member, employee or outside buyer, we offer the most comprehensive succession planning program on the market.


We monitor new tax incentives and standards that will impact your food and beverage processing business to ensure you’re compliant while maximizing your savings.

Corporate Finance

Whether you’re looking to merge your operation with another food and beverage processor, acquire a business, raise capital or divest, our Corporate Finance specialists provide guidance through every transaction.




​​​​​​​​National in Scope, Lo​cal in Focus

MNP offers ​offices strategi​cally located in urban and rural centres throughout Canada.

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