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Our Commitment to Public Companies

Public companies are particularly unique and complex — they have all the same concerns and considerations of a private company, however they also have additional sets of requirements. Operating in a highly regulated environment, the level of transparency public companies are required to exercise results in significantly increased scrutiny, ultimately driving your stock price and value.

We help public companies that operate in Canada and abroad stay compliant, accountable, transparent and profitable. Our comprehensive suite of services are specifically designed to address the key challenges for public companies, regardless of industry. We provide support on everything from information security issues to complex regulatory requirements, so you can make decisions with confidence and reach your business goals.

Our Tailored Services for Public Companies

Assurance and Accounting

Public companies, particularly their directors and officers, face intense scrutiny from shareholders, regulators, stock exchanges and the media. We keep you aware of regulatory changes, conduct complex transaction accounting and work closely with your management teams to ensure compliance and clarity.


Public companies must operate efficiently and effectively to meet their stakeholders’ expectations. We optimize your people, processes and technology while helping to provide transparency in how your business works.

Enterprise Risk

Public companies have unique and extensive compliance requirements. We address your key priority risks through a range of tailored solutions and services.

Corporate Finance

Business transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and fundraising, require proper due diligence in order to stand up to the scrutiny of management, boards and shareholders. We help guide you through any business transaction and negotiate the strongest deal possible.


The succession of a leader within your public company is a major event and needs to be planned for well in advance. We offer one of the most comprehensive succession planning programs on the market to ensure a smooth transition and secure your public company’s position.


We ensure your business meets its tax obligations both at home and abroad, while helping you lawfully minimize your tax burden, enhancing the value of your public company.

Valuation, Forensics and Litigation Support

Public companies require an unbiased understanding of their fair value for everything from financial reporting to transactions to litigation. Our valuation specialists provide independent, concise reports, while our forensic team can help you mitigate, identify and resolve transgressions with your company.



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