Performance Improvement

Optimize business processes and resource investments, align organizational objectives, and strengthen internal controls — creating lasting efficiencies you can scale as your business changes and grows.

Unlock your organization’s full potential

Success and growth are far from certain in today’s business environment. Your challenges are complex, and the pace of change is accelerating — intensifying the pressure to continually find new levels of performance.

MNP’s Performance Improvement team can help you face down volatility, improve organizational agility, and confidently embrace new opportunities. Together, we’ll challenge the way things have always been done in your organization and reframe your approach to innovation and growth.

Solutions for every stage of business

Whether you’re looking to enhance revenue and profitability or improve your opportunities on exit, we can help you maximize the value in your organization.

  • Re-engineer processes, systems, and behaviours to drive and sustain efficiency on both sides of the balance sheet.

  • Optimize costs and revenues to ensure you get the best possible outcome in a merger, acquisition, or divestiture.

How do you compare to the top performers in your industry?

Take our Performance Improvement Health Check to see how your organization measures up against industry best practices. This assessment can help uncover opportunities to grow, improve your client experience, and increase profitability.

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Take control of your performance

Take steps to begin tapping into your business’ full potential. Our Performance Improvement Checklists are actionable roadmaps to help you get on the path to real results. 

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Client Testimonials

See how MNP’s Performance Improvement team has helped clients reframe their approach to innovation and growth through a series of testimonials.


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Contact a member of our Performance Improvement team

Yohaan Thommy PMP, LSSBB, CMC


Yohaan Thommy, LSSBB, PMP,CMC, is a Partner with MNP and leads the firm’s performance improvement practice nationally.

Working out of the Mississauga office, Yohaan focuses on delivering measurable financial results for his clients, helping them make their organizations more valuable while bringing greater financial predictability. Yohaan’s services include performance improvement, training on revenue growth and sales, helping with supply chain management and conducting business process reviews to improve operations.