Personal Injury

Forensic accounting can help your legal team quantify the damages in complex personal injury disputes — from the initial gathering of facts to the end of the trial.

Estimating an individual’s loss of income due to a personal injury can be challenging for your legal team. Personal injury disputes can span across a wide variety of industries and issues, and the process becomes even more complex if the injured alleges they are unable to continue operating their business at its normal capacity. Legal counsel often requires support from a forensic accountant when comprehensive financial knowledge is needed to evaluate a case — whether you are making a claim or disputing a claim outcome.

MNP’s Personal Injury team can complement your ability to serve your clients efficiently and effectively, delivering the in-depth support you need throughout every step of the damage quantification process. Backed by extensive experience and knowledge in key areas and across various industries, we work as a team to gather relevant data and undertake analysis, ensuring a complete and comprehensive package is built for your case.

What's your challenge?

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Accurately quantifying losses

To ensure your clients receive fair compensation, you need an accurate estimation of the losses they experienced. 

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Preparing for complex trials

Claims can involve a lot of different moving parts, and your legal team needs support in organizing the relevant materials. 

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 Finding the right testimonies

You need a professional who can clearly articulate the financial impacts and make your case even more compelling.

How we help

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Quantification of claims and cross claims

Our financial analysis and data examination accurately calculates the financial damages that are being asserted by each party and we provide clear summaries of the analysis. 

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Document review, key issue analysis, and question preparation

We provide insights on the financial complexities of the case and help you challenge the methodologies and arguments of the opposition. 

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Expert report and testimony

Our team is available to provide testimony or attend the trial and share live feedback. 

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